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Anonymous asked: Uh, hi there! I just wanted to say I really liked your table at BABScon and I bought one of your trans pride buttons and it's super cute and real cool that you like, had those and stuff and, yeah!!

Thank you so much :) It means a lot to hear that. Advocacy and pride in the LGBTQ community are really important to me. That’s why I decided to have flags as prints and buttons at my artist table.I’m glad to hear its being received well. If you ever have suggestions for new items let me know. My next one will be a flag and button for pansexual pride :) And if you ever want more buttons or pride prints I have them on my etsy shop. 

Thanks again for coming by my table! :D

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ask-abject asked: for the record, weird anon guy was me, weird etched glass guy.

Ah! I thought I knew who it was for sure! I was wrong >_<) I did try figuring it out over the weekend. And hey don’t worry we’re all weird aren’t we? I know I am. It was nice to meet you :D

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Anonymous asked: I was freaking out going "OMG YOUR TABLE IS RIGHT NEXT TO MINE!! What an amassing coincidence." But then I remembered that that was the reason I started following in the first place. You know what, If I submit this on anon, you'll never know if it was the person to your left who sent it, or the person to your right. You'll spend the entire convention unsure of which of your neighbors is the weird one who sent you that strange message the 2 days before the con. It will slowly drive you mad...
Lol this may be the best message I’ve gotten on here so far. I don’t know that it will drive me mad but it does make me wonder how to figure this out
(>_>) *looks at one table*
(<_ at the other table hummmmmm>

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ask-abject asked: Do you have a pony OC?

Not yet. I keep thinking I should make one but can’t decide on a design or cutie mark :/